Target can match Best Buy 3ds Bogo deal

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    Hello my fellow Gbatempian,
    I stumble on a forum that gave me instructions on how to do get a the deal Best Buy bogo deal from target, and I thought it would be good karma to share on the good news.

    Before going to your local target, I recommend to bring!/video games
    A print out of this week deal on Best Buy Bogo page, the price is need be shown once you print it.

    A copy of the Best buy local ad, not necessary but still helpful
    A copy of the Target price match policy.

    So I brought all of these with me to my local target, and I picked up both the Yoshi and Kirby game I wanted. I ask politely to customer service that they would price match a competitors deal as long it is displayed in this week Ad. I showed them the online ad with prices and the copy of the of the local ad indicating the get one free of equal or lesser value.
    They were confused at my question at first but I show them a copy of their Price match policy and a few minutes later they said it was ok. No other question or hassle.

    Huzzah I got my GAMES!!

    Suck it best buy!! So act now and rush to your local target as soon as possible.

    Make sure to be polite and ask nicely about it.
    If it doesn't succeed the first time, try another target
    Walmart won't follow the same policy and I got denied twice.
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    This is very ymmv
  3. Drink the Bleach

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    As a person who worked as a cashier, I can tell you that any person that prepares a printed copy of a store's policies and brings it with them to shop is a giant asshole. How about not being a dick and just go to a Best Buy and avoid that scenario when their machines will do the discount automatically. Hell you don't even need to interact with people. The deal is eligible online.
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    For example. The Best Buy close to my house, does not have this particular 3DS in stock. The Target equal distance does. You being a terrible cashier doesn't require me to deny Target my business when they are willing to match the competition.
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    Cashiers don't care if a customer shops in their store because theyre paid the same either way, will never take a pay cut, and will never risk losing a raise, because raises are based off inventory checks, not performance. Why would anyone enjoy customers that want to make the job more difficult, and waste their time. A cashier's job is to ring up items and flip people off behind their backs outside of camera range. "Terrible cashier" seems like a badge of honor to me. Number of fucks given: 0
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    Nice, get Yoshi and Kirby for 20 each in essence. Sadly I have to pass.