Tank Troopers save editing (unlock all tanks/characters/skins)

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    After beating both single-player modes (and 23/30 S-Ranks in custom battle mode), and a fair bit of grinding, I still only had 150k coins and 3 tanks when the best tank is 240k and there's still 32 others to buy. Given that, it would be unrealistic on a game without online for anyone to gain enough coins to unlock everything legitly. After getting the best tank, getting the last 7 S-ranks was a breeze.

    Originally I wanted to edit the coins and then buy the items, but I didn't figure out where the value is stored or in what format. But I did find where the unlocks are stored, so here's that instead.

    Export savefile using JKSM or similar and copy to PC
    Open your savefile with a hex editor such as HxDen (for Windows)
    Go to the offset (CTRL+G on HxDen) and modify the following hex strings. Save.
    Copy back to 3DS and import with JKSM.

    Change each byte from 00 to 01 to unlock the corresponding item.

    Skins (34)

    Characters (13)

    Tanks (36)

    Also the Totals coins earned (in Battle Record) are somewhere in 5124-512A.
  2. Maz4faker

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    Jul 25, 2017
    Can you pour your save on mega?:bow:
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