Tank Beat 2 (for Nintendo DS)

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    Apr 13, 2008
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    No I'm not referring to the original Tank Beat, nor am I confusing the European Tank Battles release (which is just a renamed Tank Beat).

    And as for it being only a "it might appear" game, I have actually played the Korean region release, so it actually DOES exist (for someone).

    The link goes to an article that makes it plain it is envisioned for outside of Korea too (thank god).

    The setting, actual WW2, not the whimsical setting of the first release.
    Looks more or less similar, but seems more "serious".

    It's interesting though, that this game has managed to just appear out of thin air. No lists seem to have mentioned it. And you would think that at least I would have known about it earlier too.
    So much for compiled lists eh.

    Just how "thrilling" this game will be to everyone is not really much of a mystery.
    I just hope at least a couple of other people here are at least curious.