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Oct 31, 2006
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CODE[23:04] TraceII plays  Blue 7  to Szyslak
[23:04] * @Visoly says TraceII Has Uno!
[23:04] this one's over
[23:04] oh yeah
[23:04] pl b 8
[23:04] Szyslak plays  Blue 8  to TraceII
[23:04] or is it?
[23:04] now for the suspense
[23:05] 10
[23:05] 9
[23:05] 8
[23:05] 7
[23:05] 6
[23:05] 5
[23:05] 4
[23:05] 3
[23:05] * TraceII was kicked by Visoly (flood)
[23:05] TraceII left the channel and is removed from Uno
[23:05] TraceII was the current player, continuing with Szyslak
[23:05] Szyslak Wins UNO! By Default

Whoever thought uno could be so damn funny.

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  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    Or he finally went to Mexico to be with his main love- @JuanMena , lol
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    If I could afford Mexico I'd be with him also
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Juan loves everyone
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Here I am downloading win11 yet again
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    Backup the disk image this time, once downloaded
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Too lazy
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    @BigOnYa Godreborn sadly went crazy. I didn't spoke a lot with him, but on Discord he messaged me for some weeks before he left. Not sure if I may share his personal situation, but honestly it's nothing he didn't made clear over here. I'll try to be brief: He was having a bad time due to bipolarity. And he was messaging me that he wasn't feeling good emotionally speaking.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    Then something happened between Chary and him, again, nothing he didn't made publicly already, but if curious you should check his last threads.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    Then, after that last thread, sone users began to mock him. I tried to mock him because he was giving me over 80 notifications per day about his "jokes", but I just stopped replying. I think he took personal the whole situation of me not replying to his same jokes repeated over and over and his personal thingy with Chary was the drop that spilled the glass or whatever. So he got banned fir his behavior towards Chary or something.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    Really can't tell much as the last thing he wrote me via Discord was: "you hurt me really bad with your last joke" (He joked I sucked hus BaNaNa all day and I told him that Chary wouldn't even touch him with her bat whilst his mom sucked my BaNaNa every night) and I think he took it really personal. Mind you, that was my first response after 3 months of constant "Juan sucks my BaNaNa" jokes every day.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Oh yeah forgot about the entire Chary thing lol
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    And then he went even crazier and began blaming everyone for his situation (be aware that he's bipolar and I personally live with a bipolar person and I know how bipolars behave and excuses their behavior against others) so I immediately knew something was gonna get awfully wrong, even Flame and I talked a bit about that, and I warned Flame something like this would happen soon.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    But yeah, basically that... Godreborn couldn't take a joke when he was the one that started it all. Again... not justifying my one joke... but it kinda got me tired. Hehe. So... there...
  • HiradeGirl @ HiradeGirl:
    that was such a rabbit hole
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    The only time I answered to his constant jokes left him with a bigger rabbit hole. He basically asked for the tip and I gave him the whole BaNaNa. I'm kind, gave him more than he could take.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    No but seriously... heh... he kinda asked for it... for 3 months or so. I'm kind.
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    Damn, well thanks for the info. I had no idea.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    I do remember him always talking crap bout you, in other peoples threads all the time. I even felt bad for the OP sometimes. Oh well, wish him the best, hopefully he got some help, or some better meds.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    Like I've said many times before, it's hard for ne to get offended by anything. So I really don't care. Might get a laugh sometimes but really I don't mind whatever people might say ir think about me.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    But I do agree was kinda sad seeing him go like that.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    Like mods literally begged him to move on and keep being an overall cool and helpful dude in the TEMP, but he kept pushing the situation with Chary.
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    He was a member of the PsxPlace site also, his name there was "pinkey", but it shows him "retired" now. So maybe he got banned there also.
  • JuanMena @ JuanMena:
    Ah yeah, he kept repeating that "after the way the PS Forums treated me" every once in a while. But again, typical bipolar person behavior. Everyone is to blame but themselves. So it is expected in my opinion.
    JuanMena @ JuanMena: Ah yeah, he kept repeating that "after the way the PS Forums treated me" every once in a while... +1