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    Nov 21, 2011
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    Base Configuration:

    I been looking at separate parts to build a computer, and then comparing them to HP custom pre-builds.

    My main focus of what I want is:

    Intel i7 2600
    8GB Ram
    Some Asus motherboard with some USB 3.0 and HDMI ports.
    1TB 7200 RPM HD
    No graphics card.
    500 Watt Power supply
    BluRay Burner
    Case that comes with extra 3.0 ports + card reader.

    Generally, prebuilding a PC only saves me 8-10% on the HP equivalent, and then I get some perks with HP, like a new keyboard, and less trash, and I can pay it off in a monthly bill.

    But since I already crossed the $1000-$1250 range, I though why not look at the all-in-one PC's and came across the touch smart, thats some-what comparable to the description above, but also has a multi-input touch screen, and theres far less cords. My initial concern was the lack of expansion I could do, that I'd pretty much be stuck with the unit for the next 5-10 years, but I've had this HP PC since the 1st week Vista came out, and I only just-now bothered to upgrade the ram. Obviously I'm no PC gamer, and I don't do much upgrading. And in truth, 8GB of RAM seems to be enough. While I still want the option to upgrade later, my past behavior suggests that I really will never need it, and its mostly unnecessary.

    Anyone mind giving me more cons to turn me off such an ugly, but some-what appealing option?
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    If you're not a PC gamer, then there are only 2 reasons NOT to get it. Firstly, the price. Secondly, it will run a little hot (hotter than I'd like, but not hotter than the components can actually handle). Since you're not a PC gamer, then the lack of discreet graphics doesn't affect you. It can handle BluRay just fine and will never slow down, so there's no real problem. In fact, the multi-touch monitor is one of the main selling points because even if it's a gimmick, it's a freakin' USEFUL gimmick.

    If you prebuild, you potentially get a better PC, but it will be bigger, taking up much more room (tower and monitor, and all the cables associated) and be less convenient. On the other hand, you can tailor it to your needs (e.g. slipping a SSD in the mix and making it come out cheaper overall). It will also be upgradable.

    Really, just think of what your needs are, and how much you want to pay for certain features. And most of all, don't listen to certain enthusiasts on these forums who will say "all in ones suck, go build extreme SLI gaming rig instead". Non-gamers don't need a graphics card. Also if you want me to create a mock build for you (to use as an alternative to the all-in-one), just give me a website you're happy to order from and I'll fetch the parts/links.
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    I agree. Usually it is the gamers that would recommend building the system yourself so you can have the latest stuff to put into it. I will say though that if you aren't planning on doing anything that is process-intensive or requires having 4+ cores, then the need for the i7 diminishes. It is in much of the situation as a graphics card is, imo. While I don't use the all-in-ones, they are convenient to have because they are all put into a single unit.

    I don't know about the need for the touch-screen though. It might be nice, but just how often would it be used? It seems more for if you can't sit down since you're doing something else, and have to quickly use the computer for short tasks. Otherwise, if you are sitting down to use the computer for a couple of minutes at least, then having just a mouse is better and less costly.
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    Apr 21, 2008
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    I use touch screens every day. Also the last laptop I bought had touch screen and I used it. But that's me.

    Having mouse and touch is better than just mouse.