Gaming [Tales of the Abyss] NG+ C.Core and some other questions.


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Sep 3, 2007
So I got all the important C.Core on my first save file to import to a 2th playtrough.
I just need a little bit of advice.
Currently I'm thinking on having the following each character use:
  • Luke: Tutti
  • Tear: Grandioz
  • Guy: Parlanto
  • Jade: Largamente/Nocercido
  • Anise: Lunatito
  • Natalia: Scildecido? (almost never use her so...)

The only thing I'm a bit unsure of is if guy need to use another C.Core for some level's to get some Strenght?

I played trough the first time on Hard difficulty.
Now on my 2th playtrough I first though of doing it on unknown.
However, when ever I read on the internet about hints for unknown they say you need at least to import AD skills + tech + tech usage + gald (10 000 000) + X10 EXP + C.Cores and so on.
Problem is by following their example, I would need around 6 800 - 7 000 Grade. But I only have 4647 grade.
So is unknown possible with just:
  • All that cost 10 grade
  • Recipes
  • Cooking Ability
  • Titles
  • Art Usage
  • x10 Experience
  • Grade x2
  • FS Chambers
  • Capacity Cores
Or do I need to do a Very hard playtrough to get enough grade for Tech skills + AD skills?

Thanks for any advice in advance =)


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Dec 21, 2008
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I would say multitask by watching some anime and getting 4000 more grade by grinding in monsters in cheagle forest. with the hard difficulty and disable tp use. Also equip the blue dice to one of your characters that is battling to get 20% more grade.​
You should be able to get 5 grade for each monster , and you might as well master your cooking while fighting.​
You should get enough grade in about 4 hours but be sure you are doing something else on your computer or you will get very bored on fighting the same enemy over and over again.​
I recommend to focus what you are doing on your computer and just look at your 3ds screen quickly to run to a another monster.​
Like watch "One Piece" or chat on Facebook or post on or something when you're grinding for grade.​
I also recommend if you didn't yet to get jades optional artes because they are very useful and have high damage and hit radius.​
(At least this is what I did, I'm currently doing a Very Hard Run on my second playthrough and It is SO EASY if you have 10x exp and switch the tutti core when someone levels)​
Although I really only recommend this if you want OP stats is switing the tutti core when someone is about to level. IF TWO OR MORE characters are about to level you can make one of them purposely die so they won't gain the exp points and give the other one the tutti core. Then after you can just revive the the other character and give them the tutti core.​
(SO basically its like having tutti cores on all characters but with very tedious switching of c.cores and exp management.)​
(An alternative is just use the best 4 c.cores, Largmente, Lunatito,Grandioz and Tutti on four characters and make the other two die on purpose. then when you feel like leveling those 2 characters, give them the c.cores and kill two other characters. You get the idea.​
(This is assuming you are trying to unlock all AD.Skills for every character)​
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