Tales of Symphonia settings not saving

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    I'm trying to record some gameplay footage for Tales of Symphonia. The problem is that I need to turn the sound down on the game otherwise it will peak and sound horrible. When I do that from the main menu (where I can chose new game, continue, ect), it does not save those settings. I have to go in game in order to actually get the settings to save. It turns them down on the actual save file when I do that, but I cannot get the intro to turn down as I have to reset my Wii in order for the intro to replay and that resets the settings back to default that I had saved from the main menu. Does anyone know why the settings refuse to save when accessed from the main menu, causing them to revert to default in game and when the machine resets? It seems kinda pointless to have that option there if it won't save my settings.
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    first i think thats on your side the saving, and also what console gc or ps2
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    Obviously not ps2.