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    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    New Tales Announcement!

    A new scan of the Weekly Shounen Jump reveals 3 new Tales of Games announced for Japan 2009 and a movie!

    1.) For the Wii: Tales of Graces is the new mothership title for the Tales of Series. The game features a new main character named Asvel Lant who will use the typical sword as his weapon. ToG boasts a single player experience that is far different from previous games of the series with one player battles and a unique fighting style. This is set to be released Q4 2009.

    2.) For the PSP: Tales of Vs. is for the PSP and is a fighter game featuring famous Tales of Series Characters such as Shing, Yuri, Luke, and Richter! The game will run like a standard Tales of Series game with linear fields and Free-Run but a cameo battle game much like FF Dissidia. It is set for a Q2 2009 release!

    3.) For the PS3: Tales of Vesperia is coming out for the Playstation 3. The game will feature many new additions from its Xbox 360 counterparts. The new version will feature a new character named Patty Fleur, a pirate girl that will travel along side the group. There will be some alterations to the plot due to the new character's entry and the game will be extended with more side quests and extra content. The game is set for a release of 2009!

    4.) For Movie: The new Tales of Vesperia movie will feature a prologue movie with Flynn and Yuri's friendship as a key theme. Release is set for 2009.

    Source: Abyssal Chronicles Tales Union
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