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    I am confused over several of the skills in the game. So basically I got this skill called fast magic. After that I got another similar one for the same character called rapid magic (after getting fast magic). The description for fast magic is that it decreases the spell casting time by 20%. The rapid magic one says that it decreases it by 20% also and more TP is used for the spells. Isn't it bad that the TP cost goes up because you'll use TP faster? I know there are better and worse spells out there but rapid magic sounds like it's better than fast magic and I got it later on in the game. Furthermore, there is a spell called Intelligence Up and it increases it by 5%. Later on I got a skill called borrowed intel. This increases your intelligence by 5% and decreases attack by 10%. I am confyused, who's attack? If it reduces my attack then what's the point of getting it over the first one. Can you answer both of them because I am kind of confused and I don't want to ask another question any time soon. Thanks.

    I wanted to know this answer in my last thread (i think its called that) but no one answered this particular question well enough for me to understand. pls answer, thanks
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    I will try to help,

    Fast Magic: decreases the casting time by 20%
    Rapid Magic: decreases casting time by 20%, BUT also increases the TP required to cast the spell

    The main difference between the two are that The Rapid Magic skill increases the TP required to cast a spell, where as Fast Magic does not, meaning more spells can be cast with Fast Magic than if you used Rapid Magic.

    Intelligence Up: increases intelligence by 5%
    Borrowed Intel: increases intelligence by 5% and decreases attack by 10%

    The difference between these two is that Intelligence Up only increases your intelligence, and Borrowed Intel will increase intelligence the same amount but requires you to lose attack, this referring to the attack of the character that the skill is equipped to.

    EX: If you have Borrowed Intel equipped to Iria, then her Intelligence would increase by 5%, but at the same time her Attack would decrease by 10%.

    I hope that helps some, because that is how I interpreted the effects from the game.
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    My thoughts exactly.

    Try to combine skills with cooking (which is pretty cheap and ingredients available everywhere) and thus canceling(and even improving !) some of the bad effects from skills.
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    As I recall, similar abilities stack.

    So if you use Fast magic, it'll give you the -20%
    If you use Rapid magic, it'll give you a FURTHER -20%, but this time it'll cost ya.