Tales of Innocence: Cooking?

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  1. campbell00

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    I'm seconds away from facing the final boss, and I just realized that I have never used the cooking feature. I guess it was due to a lack of knowledge. Anyone know what it does?
  2. redfalcon

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    You can cook meals that give you certain buffs, e.g. bonusses for +DEF and so on. You need recipes, which you find in battles or you can trade in for guild points and ingredients which you can buy from the item guy in each town.
  3. campbell00

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    May 5, 2007
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    Are these "buffs" (stat increases) permanent? And what does in increase in "skill" do?
  4. Shinintendo

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    No the cooking is for number of fights, press X while marking the food to see it's effect and how long does it stick. also you can only eat one food per character (marked fork and knife icon in the lower screen status).

    About plants bonus I think it's permanent not sure but you can't carry more than 15 so you always got to use them. I used +1 luck flower all the time on Angie.... it's very common on city dungeon outdoors (sunny maps give the best plants, dark give best stones from my testing.)
  5. Fyrus

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    The description shows you how much battles it last, and the increases in skills increases the power of your Artes, I assume.
  6. micado

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    The herb boni and mali are permanent.
    So, better watch out which herbs you are eating.
    I've found so much Saffron in the Ashihara guild dungeon, that my main char
    has a base Luck of 500 (999 with Technical Style) and all others 350 at lvl 70.
    The blue crabs (at guild level 7), sometimes drop Basil (treasure chest), which increases Agility.
    I was also able to increase Attack and Def for 3 of my chars without a decrease in other stats.

    But "hunting" for herbs can be damn time consuming, so it's not really worth it.
    I've found so much Saffron, because it is the most common in Ashihara and I was doing a lot
    of guild quests there and checking for herbs everytime.

    Checking for stones in plant-oriented dungeons isn't worth the time, because you will only find shards at best.
    But checking for herbs in rock-oriented dungeons is still a good idea, because you can find valuable herbs even there.
  7. westarrr

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    Oct 26, 2009
    i think the cooking feature is quite useless...
    because the benefits the food give are quite less..
    Its also hard to find the right recipe that gives the good buffs..
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    Apr 9, 2009
    You obviously never got more then the first few food in each category.

    Food gives HUGE bonuses, especially for how simple most food is to make.