Tales of Graces CFG USB Loader

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    Jan 25, 2010
    The game freezes in loading when I was entering a door in Anmaruchuia, pascal home, almost to the eastest side of the city.

    I was think that maybe the iso has an error when downloading or in the torrent, or is not full compatible with the usb loader, but I'm not an expert, so if you know how to solve the problem please help.

    I'm using:
    CFG USB Loader v65

    IOS 249

    It's Solve

    I partition-ate it with Wii Backup Manager, FAT32 format the Hard Drive, and it was WBFS Split Size 2GB, it was changed to 4GB and also the game was trim with WiiScrubber1.4 giving a 3.89 GB size, now there is no sub partition wbfs so the game can run without jumping into partitions.

    Thanks for reading.