Tales of Berseria? Anyone playing it?

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    First Question is story spoilerish and I will spoiler tag this part at the bottom.

    The second part is that I am playing this game now on the PC. I hoped for a PS4 bundle but as there was not one I thought if I played on PC I could write a script for the grind part like maxing Mystic Arte counts.

    The problem I have with the script is that key presses are only similated and I cannot figure out how to send them. Perhaps there is a subwindow to the Berseria app which will accept similated?

    I also tried writing a profile for my Logitech gamepad F310 and the problem with that the cycle command ranges over battle, general and menu but there is no way to specify the context of the button press.

    * * *

    Eleanor makes a vow at Meirchio
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    I haven't played it yet, wish i had spent my $60 on this game instead of kingdom hearts 2.8, it would been better use of my money. :(

    Hopefully i can get a sale soon. May i ask what pc specs you have and if you run at max settings? I may buy steam instead of ps4 if i can get it to run on my new laptop. :)
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    Bought it on steam, love it, well 3 days later bought Bayonetta :-P
    My pc specs
    I5 760 @3.7ghz
    8gb ddr3 2133
    Gtx 960 stock
    Runs on max, no problem
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    You can already buy the game used at gamestop for 30.