Taking my UK Wii to Canada

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  1. Nifta

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    Dec 18, 2009
    I'm going to be moving to Canada in the new year and want to take my UK Wii with me and I have some questions!

    1 Power supply
    I can't see a stickered input voltage range on the grey mains-adaptor, but I'm guessing that it'll be expecting only a 240v input (so I'll need a step-up converter, or buy a US 110v Wii mains adaptor), unless anyone knows different?

    2 Video connections
    I'll be buying a new tv when I get out to Canada (probably an HD LCD). Having never had one, I'm confused about how NTSC/PAL issues relate to HDTVs and component video (in the way that RGB scarts make PAL/NTSC colour-encoding virtually irrelevant). Will a US/Canada telly be happy taking the 480p PAL60 from out of my Wii via component cables, or am I going to end up with B&W?

    3 Buying US/Canada games
    My Wii's already home-brewed up, so I'll just run Gecko and should be fine to load US/Canada discs I buy out there. Right?
    Will the online features/modes of US games work happily?

    4 Wii Shop/Internet Channel/Nintendo Channels etc
    i) This is where I'm really confused. Does anyone know if I'll still be able to access all of the Euro versions of the channels I have installed, or will they be doing IP checks to determine my location and lock me out?

    ii) I'm guessing I can't install the US/Canada versions of these channels alongside the Euro versions?

    5 System Menu Updates
    Assuming I don't completely flash my Wii to pretend to be a US Wii, I'm guessing it'll still grab Euro versions of the system menu updates? Or will it detect my location via my IP and get upset/confused?

    Any general thoughts of whether, in the long-term, I'd just be better off attempting to do a complete flash of my wii and turning it into a US/Canada wii (and running my PAL games through Gecko)?

    Much appreciated!
  2. Retrievil

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    Jul 6, 2006
    1. Should be fine with just buying a NA power brick.

    2. 480P Component is worldwide as far as I know. You may be thinking of 576p that is only supported by PAL sets.

    3. Online should work fine.

    4. You will have the access to the EU version of the shop channel.

    5. You'll get E version of updates, but I'm assuming it is modded so you won't want to update through Nintendo anyway.

    Da Letter A made a region changer app recently, he's looking for beta testers if you want to give it a shot.

  3. Nifta

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    Dec 18, 2009
    Many thanks Retrievil, that's great.

    I'm considering doing a complete region change on it, but won't do at first. I want to see if I can keep using the BBC iPlayer channel by fiddling around with UK proxies once I get there [​IMG]

    BTW, could you clear something up for me, since you're Canadian? Multistandard TVs are the norm in Britain now, but I've heard that most (even latest-model) North-American TVs will just give you a confused look and tell you to go away if you try to give them a 50Hz video-signal to do something with. Is that true?