Taking apart the New 2DS XL?

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    Oct 22, 2018
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    Hi everyone. I have a region exclusive (not from my country) New 2DS XL as well as my normal New 2DS XL from my country.

    I want to take my consoles apart and swap out their motherboards with each other, so that I’m essentially using this region exclusive console’s case with my main console’s internal stuff.

    *I am assuming that the motherboard is what dictates which region the games can be used on. If not, please clarify.

    I have several questions about this: is this doable? Are there any things I should know?

    I also have a question about the battery, as well:

    My 2DSes use different charging voltages which doesn’t affect me as my country’s voltage is lower than the other DS’s asking input.

    My question is when you fry a DS, is that solely due to the power outlet? Are all DSes internally the same and I have nothing to worry about and/or nothing to swap?

    Any info or advice would be great. I apologize for the stupid questions - I am a newbie. Thank you for reading regardless!
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    It should be possible to swap the motherboards and as far as I know the region is only determined by the motherboard.
    BUT: if you’re not careful, you might break things. I personally would never take any DS apart without a good reason (repair) and do not recommend doing such a thing if you’re not experienced.
    There are many small and very fragile (!) retaining flaps / zero insertion force (ZIF) wire-to-board connectors holding ribbon cables. However answering your question: There is a guide on ifixit.com. You would have to stop at step 19 because this guide takes the N2DSXL further apart.
    If you just want to use out-of-region games, installing custom firmware is a much better idea.

    Unfortunately Nintendo does not produce chargers with a wide voltage input range like it’s common for phones and laptops (this is so stupid; what if someone goes on vacation with a DS?).
    So you DO need a charger for your country's voltage. Third party chargers might have wide input range. The output of the charger (which is the input for your N2DSXL) is – as far as I know – the same around the world. Just read the input voltage ratings on the back covers of your N2DSXL-systems to make extra-sure.
    A 220V-240V charger will most likely do nothing on a 115V power outlet.
    A 110V-120V charger will (in the worst case) make booom on 230V power outlet.
    Grrr. Typo in the picture.
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