TakaM, Tickets, and stupidity.

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    Its hard to come up with a way to summarize this, so I'll just explain what's happened.

    First, I'm on 4.0e and I already have the Homebrew Channel installed, I can't install wads so I guess I'm missing whatever cios is necessary.
    Ages ago I installed a Paper Mario wad and shortly after removed it via the Wii's data manager (stupid I know) so I still had the ticket. Last night I went and bought Paper Mario on the Wii Shop channel, it took my points but wouldn't download and gave me the error code "204036"
    Nintendo's site says this error most likely means wii shop maintenance and I should try again in a few hours, I was able to redownload any other game I had already paid for and I gave it 24 hours just in case there was maintenance for.. paper mario.

    Searching the error code through google- the most common solution was to reformat my Wii and then redownload the game, I don't want to do that because I may not be able to reinstall the HBC and I won't be able to reinstall my online game save files.

    So I figured I'd use AnyTitle Deleter to get rid of the Paper Mario ticket but it wasn't there, so I used bannerbomb to load Wad Manager 1.4 with a Paper Mario.wad to try uninstalling it, it gave me the message that the ticket was successfully removed but nothing else (which made sense)
    But then going back into the shop channel I have to buy the game again if I want to download it, so obviously I deleted the legit ticket (and if I did pay for the game again I'm sure I'd just have the same problem)

    So now, I fucking want Paper Mario, I'm pissed off that I paid for it without getting it.
    I want to know what my options are, I want to be able to keep all my save files for my Wii games and all my (legitimately purchased) wiiware and VC games.

    I highly doubt I can get my points back or reinstall the legit ticket, so I'm thinking I'll just pirate it, however I can't install wads with my current firmware/etc.

    If anyone is willing to help it'd be greatly appreciated.

    There should be a Wii points key-gen or a hacked shop channel to install or something by now
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    1. are you sure just installing the paper mario wad using wad manager doesn't work?
    if you don't have a cios you'll need to run wad manager off another standard IOS like IOS36 (should work i believe) I think latest wad manager lets you choose the IOS to run off.

    If that doesn't work, you'll probs need cios installed.

    2. can you just run the standard cios (rev13 is latest) installer?
    3. how did you wii get to 4.0? Did you do nintendo update?
    4. is your wii Lu64 type or later?

    If you can't install cios, there are methods of installing it, although I'm not too sure about the best way.