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    Nov 4, 2006
    So I went to an English vacation sumthin' to "learn" English (learnt more Italian tho, lol) and I had this teacher who had a degree in History thus being a History Freak (lovely lessons, really).

    So anyways he wore funny t-shirts, often history-related and one of then had a design similar to this one
    which is one I made trying to make it look as similar as possible to the one he wore. Crappy with bmp, pixeled images and such, y'know. However the T-shirt was pretty alike, just Hitler was red and Churchill was green. Also I'm not sure about the "Fancy" thing... word was similar tho. Thanks if anyone finds the design on the internet or sumthin'! [​IMG]

    P.S: please omit comments about the "truthness" on the issue of ass beating and History fidelity and crap like that I just do it for the lulz!!!