System Transfers, Ambassador 3DS and N3DS, and updating FW

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    Ok, so let's start at the beginning. I have a N3DS and there is my NNID on it. I have nothing of value associated with the NNID, except for some save games.

    I have a chance to get an unlinked ambassador 3ds for pretty cheap. Will I be able to system transfer those ambassador games to my current N3DS and my current NNID?

    I see that you can't system transfer to a system with an NNID, so I would have to format my N3DS before doing the system transfer. But after the system transfer, could I log in to my NNID again and have that content added to my account? Or would I be able to recover my NNID to the ambassador 3ds (probably with nintendo customer's support), and then do a straight up system transfer to the N3DS? Or should I just delete my NNID altogether, create a new one on the ambassador, and then just do a system transfer?

    Finally, is it necessary to update the FW in order to do a system transfer? Because I'd like to avoid putting both of these on the latest FW if possible.

    Edit: So the last question seems like a "no." I think I do need to have the latest firmware on both units in order to do this. So that brings me to my next question: Is this possible to do with the latest firmware on emuNAND?

    Edit2: Looks like the only way to achieve this is to hardmod my 3ds and do a backup of the nand, upgrade the fw, do a system transfer, then restore the old nand... It seems like a pretty complicated challenge, maybe I'll just pass on the ambassador 3ds stuff.
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