Hardware System Transfer: One last sanity check before I take the plunge.


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Jun 13, 2013
United States
On last week's episode, I had sorted out that in order to do what I wanted with N3DS, that I needed to get A9LH on a US N3DS. I've now done that, and I'm about to do transfer, so I figured I'd double-check to be safe:

I have: an US O3DSXL with gateway emunand ( on Launcher 3.7.1)

and: a US N3DS with A9LH+Luma sysnand (

I'm transferring the emunand of the O3DSXL to the sysnand of my N3DS.

My emunand has on it both pirated and legit games from eShop, and both pirated and legitimately purchased menu themes. There are no custom themes on the system. The eShop games include:

1. ambassador titles (NES and GBA)
2. legit VC games
3. wad-injected VC games
4. legitimate 3DS games (eShop downloads)
5. pirate 3DS games (both eShop-only and digital commercial titles), and
6. some DSiWare
7. a ton of stuff unlocked on Mii Streetpass Plaza

Also, my NNID is attached to the O3DS XL. It is not associated with the N3DS. I've also never used the Badge Center if that means anything.

My sysnand only has on it what is left after finishing Philect's A9LH+Luma setup guide. I have no qualms with it getting its data replaced with my O3DS data. I also understand that some pirated things will get taken off through the transfer process. I have no qualms with this, I only really used it to mess around anyway.

I want to make sure that when I'm finished with transfer, I will be able to:

1. access all of the legit items I've purchased and downloaded
2. retain access to eShop and playing games online
3. still have access to all of A9LH+Luma benefits

What I've done to enable the transfer so far:

1. Updated my N3DSXL emunand from 9.9U to 11.0U
2. Installed A9LH+Luma on my N3DS and updated from 9.8U to 11.0U

Is there anything else that I need to do in order to make this transfer happen? Aside from actually do the transfer and wait all day for the data to finish moving. Thanks to any and all replies.

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