System Transfer from o3DS emuNAND to n3DS sysNAND?

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    Jun 30, 2015
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    Hello, just have a few questions on whether a system transfer from o3DS emuNAND to n3DS sysNAND is possible.

    I am planning on downgrading my main 3DS to 9.2 and will install CFW (likely latest rxTools or another cfw). I want to keep it this way until I eventually get a New 3DS XL, as I'm pretty much doing this for access to saves on games with 9.6 encryption. Once I get one, I do not want to keep cfw on the N3DSXL, so will I be able to do a system transfer without much issue?

    Once I install CFW, the only .cia I am planning to install is SaveDataFiler, so theoretically, if I delete that before the system transfer, there should be no hiccups, right? Will the emuNAND be properly wiped so there's no issue with the NNID when it is transferred to the New 3DS XL?