System Transfer from and to A9LH/Luma3DS fw11.0 (Plailect Setup)

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    Hi all,

    I could use some help with system transfers and an A9LH/Luma3DS setup...

    I have a fw11.0 o3DS with A9LH/Luma3DS sysNAND (No EmuNAND/RedNAND) and a brand new, fw 11.0 n3DS with the same A9LH/Luma3DS sysNAND setup.

    I stupidly started a system transfer before researching and after 8hrs it's about 40% complete step 1 of 6. the o3DS has a 64GB SD card with about 45GB used (ton of .cia installs). and the n3DS has a 64GB microSD. I told the system transfer utility to do the "low-capacity SD transfer" so it wasn't supposed to copy anything but saves and licenses to my understanding.

    My questions are:

    1) did it figure out it could do a full transfer and ignore my choice to do low-capacity transfer? (hence the 8+hrs wait so far)
    2) is this transfer going to screw up the files on the n3DS SD card's root needed to boot A9LH/Luma3DS or the sysNAND itself? (I have a backup of them)
    3) if the transfer completes and I tell it NOT to delete the SD card on the o3DS can I just pull the card, put in my PC and wipe the "Nintendo 3DS folder", leaving the root level files needed to keep A9LH/Luma3DS working?
    4) if I HAVE to format the o3DS I should be OK since I injected FBI to Health and Safety as part of Plailect's Guide, right? Or is only TinyFormat OK and a system format as part of the transfer will screw me over?
    5) If #4 is bad news can I not OK the format by forcing power off and just chainload into hourglass9 to restore sysNAND to the formatted/hacked/fw11.0 .bin backup I have?

    I'm seriously feeling stupid here for starting this transfer and hope at least thru hourglass9 I can fix all this...

    P.S.: At which of the 6 stages is the NNID unlinked from the old console? I'm so wishing I could just get out of this million-hour BS even if I lose all my data on both devices (I have .cia's and JKSV backups of my save games in a safe place)

    As I read on a Reddit post about system transfers today, this mess takes forever since Nintendo's servers are just two potatoes and a crying IT guy...

    Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry for the crazy long post...
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    I did a transfer from an A9LH system and all went well.

    1. Don't know, Do you have a lot of other stuff on your SD card, like the cia files? It should be transferring everything except installed games.
    2. It'll transfer everything, including Luma/A9LH/homebrew files, just put them back.
    3. Yes
    4. Yes, FBI will stay.
    5. This won't be necessary.
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  3. esmith13

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    You, sir - are my hero!
    Thank you for the reply. I started this transfer at my job at 6:30am and I'm about to leave work now at 3:30pm and it's about 50% done. Since internet is required and I can now rest easy with your answer I will just leave them both on, plugged in and locked in my office until tomorrow morning to do their thing.

    As for your answer to #1, I do not have any .cia files on my SD card. The .cia's were installed so my "Nintendo 3DS" folder is around 45GB but outside of that folder I have under 1GB of data... This is why i think it's doing a full transfer even though I told it not to... 9hrs in already and only about half way done...

    Thanks again!
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    Pretty sure the transfer is done locally, it only connects to the internet at certain points to verify if it can do a system transfer, then the icon on the left changes to the local wireless one, which is orange-ish.

    But yeah, keep them hooked up, and hopefully it's done by tomorrow morning.
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    wait a sec... would a system transfer between 2 A9LH systems not work or break something? Luma 3DS has firm0/firm1 write protection, so I am a bit unclear whether or not this will affect anything during an A9LH transfer with both parties being on A9LH CFW like I said a bit before. :(
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