System Memory Error - Can I backup data to a USB Drive, reformat, and then recover?

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    Jun 2, 2014
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    I was attempting to download my free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U from the Mario Kart 8 promo. The download got to about 60%, and then would not download any more. When trying to return to the Wii U menu, my Wii U froze and I had to manually power it down and turn it on again. I attempted this several more times with the same results.

    One time (and only one time) I was greeted with the following error: "There is a problem with the system memory" and error code "160-0103". I restarted and after this I had issues starting any software. After several more restarts, I was able to start up Mario Kart 8, some VC titles, etc. without issue.

    I tried downloading NSMBU again, and also Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. I was able to download them fully, but when the titles get between 60% and 80% in the install, the Wii U locks up. I have tried to download a smaller game (Klonoa for GBA) and that worked fine without any issues.

    I called up Nintendo and they said a potential fix was to reformat the system or send it in for repair. He said that if I reformat, that I would lose all my saves. Is it possible that I could back up the data to a USB drive, though, and then reformat and recover this data? I've heard that people have sent in their Wii U for repair have been able to recover from a USB backup (as long as they are sent back the same Wii U instead of a replacement). Would it be any different if I do the format myself?

    Also of note, I tried doing a mass copy of all my Wii U system memory data to USB drive. It finished copying at least 7 of the 60 titles, then my screen just went black. The Wii U was still running, but there was no image on the screen or the gamepad. I ended up letting it run for many hours before I forced it to shut down manually.

    I have also tried turning the system off and downloading eShop titles in the background through standby mode. The light stays orange for hours and doesn't ever seem to finish.