System link questions...?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Splych, Jun 1, 2010.

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    So I am going to be holding a birthday party soon and I am planning on making a system link party.

    I got a few questions I am curious to know the answers to:
    - Will system link work if the Xbox 360s are connected to a router?

    - Will system link work if 1 Xbox 360 is connected through wireless and 1 Xbox is connected through an Ethernet Cable [all go to the router]

    i don't want to run another ethernet cable unless necessary .__.
    and how will it work if i System Link 3 Xbox 360s? Will they all go to the router?
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    If the 360s can see each other then it should be fine. Any trauma you have will probably be the fault of the router firewall or you using different subnets or something. Generally for two 360s many people will opt to skip the router and use a cable instead (it will auto switch to crossover) but a router will be fine.

    Oh and games will need to have the same level of updates applied, this should just mean signing into live but for those without live capable systems we have (you will need some method of accessing the hard drive too).

    Finally as someone who has done this before as you probably do not have many "high" res televisions in the house- VGA cables work a treat and most people can usually drum up a VGA capable monitor.