System Files Corrupted

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    I have spent several weeks reading the different guides and i haven't found a solution yet. so I'm going to explain and I would appreciate it if someone can tell me if i have to send my wii back to nintendo. I keep getting the system files corrupt screen after the health warning screen. I tried to boot in maintenance mode ( holding - and + and A while the system boots) but it didnt work. Then i used the savemiifree method and saw that I had 4.1U. I, then, loaded a game that had 4.2 Update on it and it updated but still gave me the system files corrupted screen. I was going to install preloader and make a backup but this came up all a sudden. My wii had been off for like 8 months. Is there any other information required and can anything be done to recover my wii or is it a lost cause? I checked with the nintendo site and its like $90 to send to them.
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    Well, I don't think there is much you can do, did you install a WAD before this happened? If so, which one? That could be the cause