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    Sep 27, 2010
    Hey all.

    I have a somewhat complicated problem. My housemate accidentally updated my wii to menu 4.3E . Luckily, I have only recently updated HBC with HackMii installer.

    My problem is that I use USBLoader GX for all my games (all owned & ripped by me). My wii's disc drive died (won't read discs) a while ago, so I can only boot from the USB drive. I don't have bootmii installed, but the HBC works. Since the update, USBLoader gives me an error that I need unstubbed cIOS.

    How do I go about restoring the functionality of my loader? I've done a lot of googling and I keep turning up "Don't uprgrade to 4.3!" and very little else.


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    Use ModMii to remod your Wii.
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    It's best that you got a little more specific.

    You need to use AnyTitle Deleter to delete IOS 222,223,249 and any other IOS slot that is used by a cIOS. Then you need to restore the fakesign bug (Trucha) onto IOS36, or install a patched IOS36 to the IOS236 slot. I think this can be done via Dop-Mod (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Then run the cIOS installer of your choice, install the cIOS via your fakesigned IOS and you're good to go. Since your HBC survived the update, you don't have to go through hassles of loading .dols via any exploit.