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May 24, 2016
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sys-http - Switch HTTP backend
What is sys-http?

sys-http is a sysmodule that allows communicating with the Nintendo Switch using http. This sysmodule brings a few advantages that don't currently exist with alternative solutions:
  • HTTP is a standardized protocol with well defined uses
  • Most languages have at least one http library, so there's not a need to write a wrapper around raw TCP
  • Web browsers can use HTTP, but not raw TCP (without disabling security rules)
The sysmodule is still super new, and more functionality can be added in the future. Currently the sysmodule can read values from memory and get a game's title Id.

v0.1.0 changelog:
  • Renamed /readHeap to /heap
  • Added /settings/lanuage
  • Added CORS headers so web browsers can use sys-http
Projects using sys-http
Example future use cases
  • Read Pokemon Sword/Shield den seeds into computer applications
  • Display Animal Crossing turnip prices in a mobile app
  • Show updating game values during a live stream
  • Setup a PKHeX REST API and live edit Pokemon from a website
  • Create a Discord bot that allows users to interact with the console
  1. Download the zip from the latest releases
  2. Copy the zip file contents to your switch SD card at /atmosphere/contents
It's recommended to use something like Kosmos Toolbox/Hekate Toolbox and disable the sysmodule when it's not in use for resource and security purposes.

Developing frontend applications

If you want to build frontend applications using this sysmodule as a backend, reading this documentation will help you.
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