SX OS returns after TX arrests with beta version 3.1.0, supports OFW 11.0.0


It’s alive! Despite the legal issues currently plaguing Team Xecuter, you wont have to worry about support for SX OS. Appearing suddenly on the Xecuter website is a brand new update, bringing SX OS to beta version 3.1.0, and adding support for the latest Nintendo Switch firmware. Also included is support for Flycast fast ram and chain loading alongside the Mariko BEK. The update is available where it usually is uploaded to, but please remember that Team Xecuter hosts illegal content on their website, therefore linking to it is against GBAtemp’s rules.

* Added support for firmware 11.0
* Added support for Flycast fast ram
* Added support for chainloading with Mariko BEK
* Small improvement in USB XCI loading

Users are reportedly updating just fine with the new files, however it’s always wise to wait for further information and confirmation.


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Sep 10, 2020
Something along those lines would be my guess also. I`m sure its a big team, not just a few players?

I am quoting from the Discord Server FAQ created by the TX Support Team:

"Q: Is TX/SX ded?
A: Depends on who you ask. Although the future is uncertain, the support staff will almost certainly always be around to help you with your issues. We're all fairly confident that the development team has not abandoned the product."
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