ROM Hack Question Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Gallery Issues after Transferring Save file (Switch)


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Nov 2, 2019
Recently I've brought and have been playing SAO HR. I decided that I wanted to transfer the save file I had made on other consoles and put it on the switch version. After using cross-save to transfer my PS4 file to the vita, I used the save editor released a while ago (made by @Falo) to convert the vita file into a switch file. However upon loading up the game, the gallery mode was unselectable, however, the save file gameplay-wise was 100% correct (was able to access DLC areas and everything). After defeating the final boss again the gallery unlocked alongside the main-menu image changing. However, when entering the gallery a bunch of CGs I had earnt previously were blank. This included all skill fusion CGs, Pillow talk CGs, and all DLC Story related CGs (even though in the event list it was clear that the save recognised I'd finished them). One thing to note is that all the original story mode CGs were unlocked. I also tried the same process with a PC 100% save file I found and the exact same issues were prevalent. Would there be any way to edit the save file/cheat in order to unlock these gallery images? Some of these can't be earnt anymore so I'd appreciate any help I can get on this. I'm not exactly an expert on these sort of things but I thought it might have something to do with the system.bin file since that was the only thing I never transferred between consoles.

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