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    Nov 24, 2008
    I was wondering about switching programs on the Wii, i have seen some that exist already (to switch between Sneek and real Nand, Categorii etc).
    How hard is it to make these programs for someone with no C/C++ experience?
    I am competent at Java and have lately been trying out some C++ and it does not seem to different.

    The switchers i have in mind would be for changing the wii settings, i assume that this would involve some kind of decryption to write to the settings file in one of the nand folders (don't know which one off the top of my head, 00000001/00000002/data or something).
    I assume that this is where that kind of data is.
    I ask this as I have a TV in my room and also one downstairs and the Wii gets played on both and is a nuisance having to change the settings all the time when switching TV.

    Hmm, actually, on second thoughts, if you did 2 dumps with both sets of settings you want, place them in the app directory, then the app could copy it to the nand, bit risky i suppose but possible?