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    Apr 14, 2020
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    I bought an AS-IS switch off eBay that turned out to have way more wrong with it than what was described. Initially it was just a faulty cooling fan, which then turned into it not being able to charge the Joycons. I fixed this by removing a faulty diode near the cooling fan connector.

    But after this was fixed, I went to fully test this and realized that the thing doesn't dock properly. The dock light will turn on (and stay on), and while the TV knows that something is there, the Switch doesn't output video to it. I thought it could be the USB port, but I'm not thinking that. While the port is wiggly, it's just the outer sheath that is and the port seems fine.

    So, I'm guessing it's the PI3USB chip, but I honestly can't find any good references for checking it and I have the bare minimum experience for debugging hardware issues. I also lack any SMD removal tools, just a decent soldering iron and a relatively cheap multimeter (and an embossing tool that can melt solder. I use it to reflow things every now and then). How can I properly diagnose this and determine what needs to be fixed/replaced or decide if I need to find a working board to replace the whole thing with.

    I see people say to check if the chip gets 3 volts. But like, where? What pins? Do I do this with the battery plugged in and the system on? :(

    I will say I know the dock works fine. My personal switch works without issue. It's this new switch, not the dock.
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