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    Mar 1, 2015

    Title says it all. I tried an electronics repair place I found in North Bay, but it's more for warranty repairs of stuff and the guy is super backlogged, and by the time he got to my Switch, either he didn't read the note I gave explaining the issue, or didn't diagnose it properly, but I don't blame him given how busy he is. I'm more or less at the point of giving up on my Switch and parting it out to friends and tossing the main unit, but I thought I'd try here to see if anyone knows anyplace and has any suggestions before I go that route. I guess I wouldn't be opposed to mailing stuff places, but it's not something I normally do, nor have done before, and I am uninterested in a Nintendo repair because my Switch is exploitable and I know I will not get the same mobo in return, not to mention the huge costs in Canadian funds.

    For more details, because I'm sure someone will ask:

    Not sure what all info people necessarily need, but I got my Switch in April 2018, and it failed last summer, July/August somewhere in there, I was moving so I don't recall exactly and it was too upsetting to note down. The S/N is within the list of exploitable models, but I haven't taken the plunge with it yet, so it is still stock. I never used my Switch portably except for the odd time when I wasn't home, and even then use was pretty limited, so it has spent the vast majority of its life in the dock, meaning it hasn't seen much or any abuse that could cause failure.

    First signs of trouble appeared one day as an inability to connect to wifi despite repeated reboots and hard resets of the Switch, so after spending far too much time trying to puzzle out why it wouldn't see any wifi APs whatsoever, I went to bed. Woke up the next morning, picked up where I left off, and problem was solved, wifi was working again. Odd. So I played a game for a bit, then I powered the Switch off. I always specifically powered it off, never used the suspend function. Next time I went to power it up... frozen on the Switch logo. Hard powered off, powered back on, still freezing on the logo. Tried to access the recovery menu, also would just freeze on the Switch logo no matter what I would do.

    Eventually, I tried leaving it at the logo and seeing if a drain of the battery would help things, it did not. Decided I would try disconnecting the battery and leaving it disconnected for some time, this also didn't solve it. Did manage to strip my tri-wing screws in this process though, so that was some nice salt in the wound. I guess neither of my tri-wing bits were the right size. Thankfully it doesn't look like they do anything structurally, so I just left them out. Towards the end of all this, it started to occasionally not give me the Switch logo at all, instead I would occasionally get a solid orange screen. Sometimes after a hard power off, it freezes on the logo, sometimes it gives the orange. I got frustrated with all this, so I let it sit for a while and gamed on other systems I have instead.

    Sometime later, a couple of weeks at least, I tried powering it on, and it powered up normally with functioning wifi and everything. However, the moment I reboot it, back to square one. If I wait a few weeks, it'll boot up normally again, I tried playing some stuff, but it all inevitably fails back to the Switch menu with an error code, and once I power off or reboot, it's back to freezing/orange screen. It was at this point that I tried taking it to the repair place I found, but as mentioned, the guy was backlogged, so by the time he got to diagnosing my Switch, it powered on normally, which is why I believe he may have misdiagnosed it. I'm assuming it's related to the wifi chip, since that was the first thing to give me trouble way back when, and another user documented a similar problem with their Switch, though it was modded, but he mentioned that even booting into Linux, the wifi module would not engage, and SXOS would not load up in a similar manner to mine.

    I'm grateful that there are so many users here that are into repairing and documenting what they know about the Switch, but it's completely galling to me that a $300 piece of electronics would fail under normal use conditions after about 15-16 months. I am not hard on my stuff, I take excellent care of my electronics especially. I repair computers as a hobby, both hardware and software, and have softmodded almost every console I've ever owned, and softmodded dozens of 3DS units, and my expertise with Android devices is extremely high. I have no qualms admitting when I have messed something up, but such is not the case here. It hurts a lot being in this position and having this happen.
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