Switch, Power Bank, Charging Grip Questions?

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    hello, everyone.
    I've been playing More Zelda recently,
    and iv'e been waiting/thinking of getting a power bank for my switch is use when playing away from my TV, (EG in my room)
    also, I have noticed that the Joy Cons when they need to recharge they zap the battery from the switch (therefore draining it's battery faster),

    so, im not 100% if I should

    1) get a "Charging grip" which comes with a grip that charges the joy cons via usb Type c cable (included in the box),
    so that if my joy cons are at full power then they won't take away power from the switch, so it'll last longer?

    also, is it wroth getting the 34 euro/$ charging grip?

    2) or is it cheaper to get a standalone Type A to Type C usb cable that I can use to charge the switch via pc?

    or getting a standalone charge dock for joy cons?

    3) about getting a power bank for the switch, is it better to ask for a specific bank at the switch's specs at my local's stores
    also, when getting a power bank, can the bank if it does not have the specifics for the switch, can it burn out he switch, cause damage to it?
    what would be a good bank to get for around 20-30 euro?
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    The switch won't charge with power from a pc, but peripherals will. Also a power bank that outputs enough power will cost you quite a bit (more than your budget). I would just recommend getting a third party switch charger (making sure it can properly charge the switch). I currently have my dock set up in a way that makes it difficult to get the charger from it, so I bought this charger: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0723DG6L7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fp1GzbTK4XJC3
    It has a long cable and is even enough power to plug into the dock if you wanted. There is probably something identical in the European Amazon website.
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    Here's what I picked up. 10400mAh, so a little smaller, but it's inexpensive ($27) and works for Switch along with other USB-C devices:


    It also comes with an A to C cord and a C to C cord, which was a nice touch.
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    hmm, I've seen many power banks that work well for the switch, tho they are expensive, that isn't an issue, cause if I found a good power bank for what I want to use it for, I'd just save up money, however my real issue here is: that unfortunately,
    many of the battery sellers in amazon.com don't ship to my country :(

    tho, I can keep looking for a power bank for my switch, but it must be able to ship to my country tho.

    also instead of shelling out 34 euro/$ for a charging Grip, wouldn't it be cheaper, to get

    USB Type C To USB Cable, CHOETECH 3.3ft(1m) Hi-speed Type A to Type C (USB C to USB A) Cable for Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus, LG G5, Lumia 950xl/950, Nexus 5x/6p, OnePlus 3, and Other Type-C Supported Devices

    and this

    HORI Joy-Con Charge Stand (Nintendo Switch)

    instead of the charging grip?
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    I'm not sure if it's responsible to suggest that the Switch could be charged by a powerbank, the Switch power supply works in two modes - 5V@1.5A and 15V@2.6A. Most powerbanks are equipped with batteries that are capable of discharging at the rate of 1C, meaning that if a bank is 2.6Ah, it can discharge at approx. 5V@2A (the cell itself is 4.2V, so boost circuitry increases the voltage at the cost of amperage). Even assuming that you could create a boost circuit for your powerbank to boost from 5V to 15V, chances are that you would be discharging at a rate higher than 1C per cell, which basically means that the batteries would overheat and potentially explode. Unless a powerbank is designed to discharge at high rates or unless you know the cells inside are capable of high discharge rates I wouldn't advise such experiments. Lithium ion battery technology is inherently dangerous, if you don't know how these cells work, don't cobble together adapters and wait for a certified 15V Switch powerbank.
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    Honestly, I bought the $30 charging grip and regret it a bit because this is now available: https://www.amazon.com/Nyko-Clip-Gr...F8&qid=1501936632&sr=8-2&keywords=nyko+switch

    As for the power pack, I went with one that outputs USB-C so that the charge speeds are slightly faster. Here's the one I went with: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I4KHXM0/ref=psdc_7073960011_t4_B01I4KI24S

    Cheap, charges the switch while playing (battery percent goes up as you play) and has multiple options for other devices as well. So far it's worked out great for flights and such, and isn't very large.