Switch from A9LH CakesCFW to A9LH AuRieNandCFW?

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    So currently I am running CakesCFW with A9LH. I've got sysnand at 9.2 and emunand at the lastest firmware.
    I do not want to use the Updated Sysnand feature.

    I used Plailect's guide back when he had CakesCFW on there (A couple weeks or so ago)

    So, a couple questions:
    1. Would I need to update my a9LH Payload? If so, how?
    2. Can I just replace the existing files on my SD card with AuRieNands files?
    3. Does BootCTR work for AuReiNand? (Or is it even needed at this point?)
    4. I eventually want to add BootAnim9, any special requirements? (Update a9LH if saying no to first question)

    Thanks! a9lh can be very confusing...
  2. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    No, you will not have to reinstall A9LH. The CFW you use has nothing to do with A9LH itself. Just replace arm9loaderhax.bin with the one from AuReiNand (as well as the other required files).

    You can even use bootcrt9, ctrbootmanager9 etc. if you want to use both.

    BootNTR works but only if you use the relevant firmware file in the firm.7z. This will put you on 10.2 native firm, however.
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