Switch emulator Yuzu can now play Super Mario Odyssey from start to finish in latest build

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    Is port begging a term now? Might have to look into this.

    Anyway laptops not being dockable? Since the introduction of HDMI into screens and laptops, as well as operating systems also playing nicely, it has gotten to be trivial really. Late XP era when things might only have been VGA (and thus needed a 3.5mm cable or even a separate amp for audio), resolutions of TVs being low (HD = anything that is not 480i or 576i according to some manufacturers) and OSes being a pig about it (do you clone, extend or make continuous, oh yeah also resolution, unplugged for 10 seconds, time to do it all again) then sure, today not so much. Controls can be a bit more tricky but you have a mouse and keyboard if you want to do games and most media players can be controlled from phones that everybody is apparently supposed to have nowadays (though similarly nice USB remote controls that are more or less plug and play are also a thing).
    That is also before you consider a business class thing that quite literally has a dock.

    Portability wise a switch is not really going in anything less than a bag for most people so if you have a bag then you can have a laptop.
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    Not to mention, I prefer the portability of being able to play the games on the go.
    Yeah, but then you have to carry all of these controllers, cables (because fuck the built-in BT on most laptops), and a have a wireless KB/M solution, or use Steamworks' built-in controller to-whatever-function-you-want features, which I can't remember if those are saved to the cloud or not, so that's more configuration if you're just talking about playing games.

    As for media stuff, any cheap Blu-Ray player/PS3 can solve that problem, depending on your needs. Or even a Smart TV, though I can't necessarily say that those are the best solutions myself personally.

    If I was to give up using a PC to play a lot of my games for whatever reason, I'd probably use one of these new SBCs that have been getting a lot of models that make the RPi look like snack food in comparison. While it will be a while for these solutions to emulate PS3 games (if they ever get to that point to begin with), getting a modded PS3 off of eBay is easy these days, and if you know what you're doing, you can play many games from many generations on that thing, which is why when a game is on both the PS3 and PS4, I have to wonder what the point of a PS4 is in this day and age outside of being a Yakuza (if they release the rest of the games to PC, this point will be moot)/Sony exclusive machine. I don't know what Sony has up their sleeves for the PS5, but I know it better have backwards compatibility for me to care about getting one and have it be something that stays with the system and not have Sony flake out with a slim model because their engineers can't develop a good system to last on its first run!
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