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Dec 24, 2018
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I made a new website at less than a month ago. The main goal of this website is to centralize all sx os cheats codes.
Unlike a forum where we have to find the good thread and post to have the cheat, here you just have to look for his game and all the cheats are listed.
There are currently ~1100 games, ~120 cheats available and more thant 260 registered users.

Now to go further, I'm looking for some help from you. Here's my whishlist :

- html template: I'm a coder, not a designer, so if someone wants to offer a better design, I'm looking for an new cool original HTML template
- New features: You have an idea, I'm may have the skills to implement it. So suggest new cool features...
- What works, what doesn't work well: Tell me ! I need feedbacks
- I need to regularly check the list of the new games released, missing covers/metadata: any volonteers ?
- You are a SEO guru: I need your help !
- any suggestion(s) ?

You can have a look at to have an idea of the futures incoming features.

This project is a hobbyist side project, on my free time with my own funding (server, bandwidth, electricity, time...) and there are no ads to cushion the costs.
You want to support or show your interest to the project, I invite you to make a small donation at
The idea is not to make a profit, but to cover my expenses and motivate future improvements.
You're tired of giving money, I would understand without problems, so talk about the project to your friends, it needs a better google rank.

Thanks !

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