Swiss - how is SDHC support possible?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by marzsyndrome, May 4, 2011.

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    It's just I always thought the best GC could ever support was a standard 2GB SD card, and that SDHC didn't really come into play until the fourth major version of Wii's firmware.

    It's only said that you need an SD Gecko to run stuff off of SD, so I assume my SD Media Launcher adapter won't do? I happen to have an SD Gecko also, but it was bought many years ago and I doubt it'd be able to handle an SDHC card, unless support is provided through the Wii itself rather than the adapter?

    Could do with some clarification on this, thankie. [​IMG]
  2. F. Lobot

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    The Gamecube itself isn't even designed to read SD cards, that's programmed entirely by emu_kid.
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    The pins for sd and sdhc cards are exactly the same. It's a driver thing, the used software needs to have its own sdhc compatible driver, so the SD Media Launcher won't work with sdhc cards, the adpater itself might.

    But please consider that sdhc compatiblity is different for everything on wii, BootMii, HBC, homebrew apps, GC apps from emu_kid(Swiis) etc all support different sdhc cards. Just because you have a sdhc card that works in whatever, doesn't mean it will work in anything else.