Sweaty Icebreakers are the solution

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Icebreakers would always never fail on me. The soothing fruity taste kills the sadness, bad breathe, and negativity of the mind. They have helped me keep myself from ending it all. Icebreakers is not just a mint or candy. It's a guidance.

I didn't think that these incredible delicacies could be significantly improved. They were already perfect. That all changed on the hot sunny day of April. After going on a long jog, I needed to rest. As I rested, I realized that my body was calling for an Icebreaker. So I went inside and grabbed the container of Icebreakers and put on in my hot and sweaty hand. The Icebreaker adapted to its new environment immediately and became soggy. My hand was stained of the green watermelon flavor.

That didn't stop me, however. I put the Sweaty Icebreaker in my mouth and my eyes were opened. Everything came back to me. I had learned everything. I had SEEN everything. The Sweaty Icebreaker took me on a pathway of no other. I learned my purpose. I learned everyone else's purpose. I learned the meaning of the universe.

And to this day, Sweaty Icebreakers continue to take me on this journey every time I digest one. So please, attempt the Sweaty Icebreaker Way. I guarantee that your life will be changed forever.

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