SvSIP trouble, please help

Discussion in 'NDS - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by tguellich, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Jan 24, 2008
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    I am new to using SvSip and I cannot get it to work properly. I configured the router to allow the calls. The DS connects to the wireless signal. SvSIP loads and connects to the access point. I see the keypad, then I type in the number I want to call. I put the 00 before the number, then the country code 1 for the US, then the number and hit dial, immediately I get the message:

    "Invalid URL sip:0018005551212@(null) Invalid URL sip:0018005551212@(null)

    Does anyone have any ideas? If not, do you know where I can go to get help to make this work?
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    You first need a SIP account somewhere. You then need to open the config file and add your account information (domain, username, password). Your router only needs to be setup to use WIFI play on the NDS. So if you can play a game you can use the app to make calls. Just so you know most SIP providers will not give you a free account, the few that I found that did only let you make 5 calls for free. After that they required that you maintain a specific amount of money in your account. This goes for providers who offer free Cell calls as well.

    Also the quility of calls sounds like you're a stuck in a robot who is talking down a long tunnel. The NDS was never designed to make phone calls! =)

    I tested and had fun with the app using the VoIPBuster network. The domain for 3rd party phones is You just have to install their software to make an account, then you can delete it. (assuming you aren't going to use it to make calls from your PC)


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    Do this:

    (I use the Sixth version because every other one makes me sounds all buggy to other people)

    Download the sixth version.
    Google Internetcalls, it's the first link.
    Download & Install Program
    Make Account

    Open folder named "svsip" that you downloaded.
    There is a config.txt file, open it.
    Change the domain to:
    Change username and password.

    Put SVSIP folder onto root of card.
    Put SvSIP.nds on root.

    Good to go.
    Tell me or respond if it doesn't work.