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    Jul 27, 2015
    Today I tried the Sushi Striker demo on my newly bought Switch, and I was introduced to the gallant sushi gourmet traveling Japan with his tanuki friend... Franklin. On top of a ton of other mistranslations and cultural omissions, like turning "Sushigami" into "Sushi Sprites", and removing a mention of the word "tanuki".
    At that point, weary from my experience with the Youkai Watch dub, I decided I just about had enough. I'm getting sick, sick, and I can't stress this enough, SICK of Nintendo scrubbing the Japan out of obviously Japanese games.

    So with that in mind, assuming that a hack is possible, if anyone can provide me with a script, as a JLPT examinee I'll gladly undertake the job of rewriting the English dialogues. What I'm asking is, can it be done? And would anyone here be able or willing to help me with the hacking part?
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