Survey about games for college - help me!

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    Hey Guys,
    First of all, thanks for accepting me on the group!

    I'm just finishing college and my final project is about consoles and games. The progress is doing very well but now I need a help from everyone to answer a survey for my project. There?s really good questions there and

    When I finish my project I would like to show the answer to everyone.

    This survey is about consoles and game in North America and Europe, so, it would be good if only people from these who live in NA ,EU and Japan answer it. Once I finish I will make a new one for everyone overseas. I will post the results as soon as I finish the project.
    Below there?s the link to the survey. It will take only 2 minutes and you are helping me to receive my degree!!

    Thanks everyone! and have a great week.



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    In the Euro one "How much do you spend on games? *
    When u go to a store("

    "Did your console is "jailbroken""
    That is odd phrasing. That is not the only thing either.

    Also your apostrophes are not apostrophes but grave accents (` is not '), bonus points for using them though.
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    Apr 22, 2014
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    Thanks for you feedback!!!!

    As for the "u" on the question, I fixed. As for the word "jailbreak" it is used for some people. Just google it and you will see. I also put other names like CFW,modchip...

    my computer has a problem with "apostrophes" lol. I dunno why, "it's" not working! lol
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    I forgot
    Sorry man but...this survey isn't all that great >.>

    For one, the English and grammar are pretty bad. An example, the third question: The answer "Not own any device" is incorrect, it should be "I don't own either device". I assume English isn't your first language, so this can be forgiven, but next time you should probably proofread or get a second opinion before you submit a survey.

    Secondly, a couple of the questions didn't really...make sense to me, or at least they weren't very clear. These would be the "What did you miss the most on Xbox 360/PS3?". I have no idea what you mean by what I missed? Like, games that weren't on one or the other? That question is sort of moot since I owned both.

    Thirdly, the "What do you think about Microsoft sell the Xbox One with Kinect?" has no other option, and the 4 options there weren't relevant to my opinion. Should probably remove the options and choose a single answer field instead.

    Fourth, the answers to "What do you think about Sony estrategies for the Playstation 4" don't relate to the questions. If you want them to, you should change the question to "What features do you like about the PS4?" or something similar. And you also didn't have a similar question for the Xbox One or the Wii U.

    I also noticed the Japanese survey has options for the Vita/3DS, but no questions about them at all.
  5. mvnts

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    Apr 22, 2014
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    Thanks for your feedback. You're right, english is not my first language! Well, I fixed the wrong grammar on the question about the devices. Thanks!

    secondly - I also edited the question about "what did you miss the most on Xbox 360". What I meant is "What do you think could have been implemented in the Xbox 360?". Same for PS3.

    thirdly - I add the "other" option. Since some people already answered, I have to count they votes, so, people now can explain other reasons.

    fourth - Some questions are very specific due to some researches that I did, so, this survey also will confirm all the statements found or not!

    Thanks for your feedback! I really apreciated!