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    No real need for a full 360 releases post just yet so a single game post for now. A PCE (aka turbografx 16/TG16) emulator did appear on the homebrew side of things (PCE bomberman is probably better than megadrive bomberman and second only to saturn bomberman not to mention the legendary Dracuala X (a castlevania game that only saw a PSP and VC release back in late 2007 and early 2008))


    MARVEL kick off their 2010 360 releases with a 360 port of the RTS game Supreme Commander 2, made by Gas Powered Games who make the * Siege series (dungeon and space) with publishing duties taken by Square Enix. Having never played the first and rarely being impressed by RTS games on consoles (there might at least be space to debate on the FPS front as to what is the best control method but I doubt you can find anyone willing to debate that a controller beats a mouse and keyboard for a RTS).

    Some boxart I stole from Amazon
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    square enix publishing this makes me a bit iffy. the first wasn't anything great as an rts, just a good benchmarking tool for the time it came out. 1000 units on screen is always an interesting way to test your pc.