Hacking Superslim PS3 4.86 HFW + Backups (upgrading or new install)


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Sep 1, 2010
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There is a lot of bad information, You can install, "webman, multiman", run games from external drive, install packages, both disk backup and han, on a SUPER SLIM, with no mod chip or cfw
Right now if you install hfw 4.86 you can avoid using a proxy to connect your PS3 to the internet (if you don't have current firmware you need to use a proxy), so its very easy to get started, you will need a ps3 obviously, any model really, a 16gb usb stick or smaller, a 1tb harddrive or smaller in your ps3, access to the internet for this guide. And that all. (Will Add Statements to Avoid some Bad information Floating around) (you will lose no data on your internal harddrive if you are upgrading from 4.82 han or etc, all games will still work)

Very Easy What to do and How?
Very Easy What to do and How?
Very Easy What to do and How?


I been through that already more then once, so in addition to the notes and files in there all working, no piracy:::::::::::::Must Follow the Installation Order Listed Below and in the Package, Google Drive Link

"1 Update ps3 firmware to 4,86 HFW notes"
You can have more then one internal harddrive, update both, after you update the firmware on the first harddrive, your second internal harddrive, after you switch it in, will prompt the ps3 hdd restore screen, just update the firmware from the usb stick, you lose no files or information on the harddrive.......just in case you should unplug the network cable from the ps3 while updating firmware, even if you are selecting the usb stick. Install the firmware two times, for each harddrive, you will need to install the firmware for each new drive you format or intent to use for the ps3.

"2 Installing HEN notes"
Follow the Yellow Text, make sure you set the webpage your ps3 brower is at with the initialization option, to HOMEPAGE, if it doesn't "initialize" you close the brower and when the browser opens it will automatically go to that hen webpage, and it will work right..............you have to set to homepage just to get the options to install from the ps3 browser, anytime you need to install something that way, not just in this step, also when install "han".

"3 Installing HAN (hack) to PS3 notes"
Make sure you "enable hen from the icon on the ps3" before you try to install han, because that allows you to install homebrew, and for the han installer to run properly from the webpage...............(lots of bad information floating around)................you add the files to your usb stick formated to fat32, the han support files, you go to the webpage, follow the steps in the guide, set to homepage open browser up again and it will initialization properly don't use option "auto shut down after install from webpage", the files are copied to your ps3, then you run the "han_toolbox .10 unofficial" package, you install that, using the install package option in your ps3. RESTART YOUR PS3, and you will see Han Tool Box (this is important to install you still need to install han packages and sign them to run from the xmb, and some games otherwise won't work or bad dumps) (also you have the hen option, best to have both)

"4 webman external NTSF hdd notes"

You are only using "webman" but you install multiman, enable hen first from the icon, restart ps3, then install "webman", enable first, then install "prepNTSF"

Take your external 2.5 sata hdd, format it to NTSF (MBR), make folder 'PS3ISO", and put your ps3 iso game files in there...............connect it to your ps3 after adding a game, run "hen enabler icon from ps3", then "webman will POP UP in your game list", open the webman folder and select "prepNTSF", it will create game list, your PS3 will restart (soft restart), then go directly to the webman folder again (don't enable hen a second time your ps3 didn't do a full restart), and select the ps3 game on your external hdd.

If the game you want to install on your ps3 has a ".pkg and .rap file" then use, that, sign it with resigner, your act and idps files, and then install that with "pkglinker".............only use the iso for games that are not listed on the official ofw compatibility list. HERE IS WHY (there is a lot of FALSE AND BAD information on this subject) .......... you can just launch the game from the ps3 main menu without having to use, enable hen from the icon, option in most cases. Not to mention you can install dlc packages without a problem. (also some game backups won't work at all and you need to use .pkg and .rap for those games.

"5 Installing -PSN-PKG- to ps3 harddrive notes"

This is very easy, with a NOTE................if you have a device on your router using the ip address of what you need to set it to for pkglinker, to transfer the .pkg to your ps3, this is much easier then using "webman or multiman" and ftping all those small files that takes even longer then just using this method......................disconnect those devices from your router until you are finished...............make sure you disable security on your computer, and double click the connect button for pkg linker, it will work.

"6 Installing blu ray disk dumps"

You don't need to "resign" these files, build the packages according to the compatibility list.


Tested games with all these methods................this is not a compatibility list. If it say no work in official cfw to ofw compatibility list. then use the .iso and run the game from external harddrive................

The FALSE AND BAD information floating around...............you may get a soft lock, if you don't install, hen first before han, or, if you install webman first before multiman..............not to mention it takes a very long time to rebuild ps3 files, using ftp or network to transfer loose ps3 games files versus large .iso or package files is not good, you may have bad report of files, those transfer programs can sometimes error.....................its not difficult, but with no much bad information, it took me a few days, to update my notes on the subjects, which i'm sharing (also its easy to do ps1 and ps2, but its not the best emulation, I would rather just not install any, but I do have some installed)

(after you install the "webman" and run enable hen, your fan speed will automatically increase, you can just disable this option from "webman" but I advise you to let it at 35 percent of fan speed, its great for keeping the ps3 cool also with any additional fan mods) (when you start your ps3 "enable hen" that will start the ps3 fan when "webman starts" automatically, that is good)


You don't need to use multiman for anything, you install that for stability, if you want to play with multiman, "enable cfw mode" option, also, it may not detect your external harddrive, its kinda more outdated I think?..............ps3 external harddrive connect to left most usb port...............you can do everything off line without internet I think? not sure, but after you install hen and han, you don't need to connect to the internet anymore for the ps3
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