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    Supplied by Shop.01Media.com
    Manufactured by: Supercard team

    By Costello - 17th August 2006


    Welcome to GBAtemp.net's review of the Superkey.

    First, I'd like to thank our partner Shop.01media.com for supplying us with the Superkey.
    Shop.01media.com, European flash kit store (based in Sweden).
    And I also thank my friend LoVeMaKeRz for taking the pics for me!
    Man I owe you one [​IMG]


    The SuperKey is a Passcard/Nopass device created by the Supercard Team, the guys behind the original Supercard kit.
    At first glance, the SuperKey looks like a regular NoPass device: there doesn't seem to be any particular feature that would make it different from the other nopass. I am then going to further study the features and the possibilities offered by the Superkey.

    The SuperKey

    The SuperKey is another NoPass device. These NoPass's are very different than PassMe's, which relied on security flaws in the DS' hardware/software to run unsigned code from the GBA slot. Instead, a NoPass device contains code that is encrypted in the same way as a regular DS game card, which allows the DS to recognise and load it without the need for hacks, or original game carts sticking out the back. This allows for a much smaller form size. (shaunj66, in his MK4-Mini review)

    The SuperKey shapes up exactly the same as a regular DS game cart, so you won't find it sticking out of your DS slot. It fits in flush at the top.
    The SuperKey is available in only 1 colour at the time this review was made (unlike the MK4-mini, available in 4 different colours). The only available color, as you can see, is black.

    The SuperKey looks exactly like a DS cartridge. Same size, same material.


    The SuperKey comes in a very nice box, a professional looking casing with a picture of the product and a description on the rear.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The rear side reads:
    - Access media from any GBA flash storage device
    - Use home brew GBA software on your DS
    - Plug-and-play ease of use
    - Compatible with most types of flash card

    A decent english, if you compare it to the awful engrish descriptions on some flash kit packagings.
    You can also notice that the Superkey has "Compatible Support" ( [​IMG] ) for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.

    In the package, there is nothing else but the SuperKey itself.
    Nope, no CD-ROM, no manual, no instructions.
    On the one hand, you could be slightly disappointed not to have any explanation or sample CD-ROM like the one in the MK4-Mini.
    On the other hand, it's a good thing because the product is so easy to use that you don't even need drivers or instructions!

    On a more personal note, I do not mind.
    I got the SuperKey: I know what it is, I know what it does, thus I implicitly know how to use it.

    Hardware and Design

    As I mentioned above, the SuperKey is exactly the same size as a regular DS game cart.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There is almost no difference, except the three tiny screws on the rear and the absence of a serial number on the SuperKey.
    The SuperKey even looks sharper and more resistant than a regular DS cart. A very good, solid material.
    It is manufactured in the same factory as the Passcard 3 ( proof ) but the software is different since the Passcard 3 used to have a boot screen and different compatibility with GBA flashcarts, etc.

    As you can see on the picture of the box, the rear side reads "Access media from any GBA flash storage device".
    Meaning it's supposed to be compatible with every GBA slot style adapter available.
    I have been able to try it myself with a couple of GBA carts.
    - Supercard SD - PASS
    - M3 SD Adapter - PASS
    - Supercard Lite - PASS
    And thanks to Qrayzie, I can confirm that the SuperKey is compatible with the following kits:
    EZ-Flash III, EZ-Flash IV, EZ-Flash IV Lite, G6, G6 Lite, M3 CF, M3 SD Slim, M3 MiniSD, Supercard CF, Supercard MiniSD
    Qrayzie reports only 2 non-working GBA adapters:
    Ultra Media Card, ProCard (X-Cart) 256

    This version of the SuperKey has no boot screen.
    And strangely, this version with no boot screen is called "Old version".
    The "New version" has a boot screen, and is not compatible with the EZ-IV and EZ-IV Lite !
    Fortunately the "Old version" is still in store, do not get confused.
    Anyway, if you own an EZ-IV or EZ-IV Lite, make sure you get that no-boot-screen version (or get an EZ-Pass 3!).

    Here are some photos of the SuperKey in action in a white DS Lite...



    The SuperKey slots perfectly in both DS and DS Lite, being the exact same size as a DS cart.
    Unlike the MK4-mini, the SuperKey doesn't have an embedded 2 Mbit EEPROM memory chip.
    Meaning if you're using an old GBA flashcart (ie. X-Rom, F2A...) to play DS games, you will not be able to save.

    Concerning the sleep mode, well, the SuperKey allows it.
    Yep, you can let your DS/L sleep peacefully with your SuperKey inside.

    Using the SuperKey

    I can't say using the SuperKey is complicated. It is compatible with all versions of the Nintendo DS (fat v1/fat v>1/Lite).
    So just insert it into your Nintendo DS/L, and turn on your Nintendo DS/L.
    It will boot perfectly, no boot screen (except the usual official Nintendo DS "warning" boot screen).

    There is not much to be said regarding how to use the SuperKey.
    There's no catch: it IS that simple!


    The SuperKey is *almost* perfect. It does the job, has an excellent compatibility with the GBA flashcarts, is made of solid material.
    There are only a few cons but these won't be a problem for most flashkit users.
    However, there's no real difference between this product and the Passcard 3 or the EZ-Pass 3.

    + Same size as a normal DS game cart - doesn't stick out!
    + Extremely simple to use
    + No programming required
    + Compatible with all currently available versions of DS
    + Compatible with most GBA mode adapters/flashcarts
    + Supports sleep mode
    + Excellent build quality (unlike the MK4-Mini)
    + Nice packaging

    - Consumes battery life the same as any other pass card
    - No EEPROM memory chip embedded
    - No real difference with the other passcards
    - Only 1 colour is available (black)

    You'll find the SuperKey for $30 in almost every online store.
    An average price, considering that the EZ-Pass 3 costs $30 aswell and the MK4-Mini is sold $35 on GamerSection.

    [title:Original score, 17 august 2006]


    As of 25th September 2007

    With the emergence of slot-1 solutions, it appears that passcards such as the SuperKey have become completely obsolete.
    The SuperKey did its job (and did it well) when we needed it, but now for any slot-1 owner it isn't much more useful than a piece of plastic.
    However if you feel compelled to use a slot-2 flashcart for some reason, you might find the SuperKey a good solution.


    Sample kit supplied by Shop.01media.com

    You can find the SuperKey for sale at the following stores:
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