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    I have a Mini Supercard SD (the one that's the same size as a GBA game and uses Mini SD cards), and for some reason, it came with this new firmware.

    My normal Supercard SD just says "Supercard" on the bottom DS screen when used in DS mode... but the mini one says "Supercard DS"... and the firmware must be set up so that when I insert it in the DS, it reboots it. As in, if I'm playing a DS game and then insert my Supercard, it turns off the DS and restarts it.

    This is incredibly annoying... I hate that. Is there some way to downgrade the firmware? Or disable the auto-reboot? I bought the mini SD one because it fits flush with my DS instead of sticking out some... but so far it's just been an annoyance!

    Also, any idea why DLDI patched stuff like REIN and DSOganize won't work? As far as I know, the DLDI on Supercard SD and Supercard Mini SD are the same... but yet those won't work.
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    The resetting issue is due to the Supercard hardware itself. It has nothing to do with your firmware upgrade, at least I highly doubt it does. Mine always resets on me as well. Of course, I have to question why you need to remove and re-insert your Supercard unless using something like cart_save, which is the only time I've ever needed to do something like that. If you're playing a slot-1 game, leave the Supercard ejected anyway since it sucks power even when not being used.

    Yes you can downgrade the firmware (just find the *.bin file and run it) but again, I don't think it will do anything in this regard. Are you absolutely sure that it did NOT reset when you had the old firmware?

    Yes, the DLDI files for the SCSD and SC miniSD are the same. However, if the standard SCSD.dldi file doesn't work, try SCSD_moon.dldi instead. On my SC miniSD, I actually have to use SCSD.dldi for one miniSD card while the other one only works with SCSD_moon.dldi for some reason.