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    Dec 24, 2017
    United States
    First post!

    Let me just start by saying I bought it cheap and loaded up the 1.8gb sd with 1.5gb of roms and such.

    I can save my games and come back to them next day and hey they are still there. My problem is I work a lot so when I come back to my gameboy after a week and my saves are gone. Like every game will eventually do this to. Its sometimes random.

    I use the L+R+select+A and save and even go to the home screen to save the game to the sd and as i mentioned it works for a short while but I lose my saves eventually.

    Now I use an old sd card and im starting to think my 2gb card is getting corrupt. Is there a proper sd card test similar to victoria or should I just pony up for a 10$ 2gb replacement card?
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