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    Dec 7, 2014
    Recently, I found my old Supercard SD again. It had an SD card in it, so I put it in my GBA and started it up. I got a Nintendo logo in the BIOS, which meant that the card was detected. But nothing happened after the boot animation was over. I just got a white screen. I shut it down again and held L and R while it was booting up... Nothing, again. Then, I put it in my DS Lite, it detected the cart, but it did nothing if I clicked it in the menu. Just the boot screen and fade to white. The only thing I could think of is booting into YasuMenu and selecting PassMe. Again, a white screen. So I Googled it and read that past me probably upgraded to v1.85 without doing it in order. I also read that there was software that could flash the GBA cart from a Slot 1 flash card. So I put it on my R4ITT and started it up.

    GBA Movie Player flasher v1.4 by Rafael Vuijk (DarkFader)
    To flash, hold L+R and press: [...]
    Up : Supercard SD
    So, obviously, I pressed L+R+Up. I waited a few minutes but it just kept saying Erasing... So my patience ran out and I shut down the DS.

    There is a DS option pak inserted
    Well shit... The GBA doesn't detect anything anymore either.

    So. Help what do. Do I need to put some extra files on my SD card before flashing again? (A firmware.bin dump?) Is the cart just defective?