1. godbuns

    OP godbuns Advanced Member

    Jun 8, 2006
    Hi ppl, for the longest time i have been searching for a working yugioh WC 2006 working title on the DS [​IMG] , so i had them all on my comp but everytime i put the file into the supercard software ver 2.51,2.53,2.54 they all said the patching had failed [​IMG] , so i figured the game wouldnt work [​IMG] ! This is not the case [​IMG] eg yugioh 2343 i believe says its failed but it actually works [​IMG] . So my question is what is exactely does the patching do if failed games still work? Also is there any way to select real time save with out the restart option .... fyi this yugi requires the save and restart deselected but can be compressed. And what is more save i selected that to see if it was realtime save but it didnt work.
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