SuperCard One skinning script

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    SuperCard One skinning script

    Also fixes boot up error

    This helpful script allows one to patch msforsc.nds in order to remove the boot up error message as well as replace the SuperCard's splash screen with one of your own.

    Taken from the readme:

    - Place a wallpaper.png in this directory. It has to be png, 256x192 and usually 4BPP, other
    colour depths/sizes might work but I haven't experimented much. Basically the compressed IMFS'd
    version of the file has to match or be smaller than the filesize of the original sclogo.b15.
    There is an example wallpaper.png included.

    - Run "go.bat", click ok in png2b15 to accept the image and/or try clicking some options.
    Afterwards a "new_msforsc.nds" file should be produced. Rename this to use it as your
    file launcher.
    The annoying boot error is also blanked out as part of this patching.

    [​IMG] SuperCard DS (One) skinner ver 0.1

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    thnaks for this. i hate explainig to my friends that its not broken