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    Aug 17, 2006
    United States
    ok so i just got this supercard minisd and im having moonshell troubles.... i want to use it specificly for gameboy advance stuff and music(i have a gameboy advance micro). Games work fine, i have a couple ive put on, but i cant get moonshell to work, of course. I have the newest version of firmware aparently, 1.63 or something, and thats all. I follow the setup of the moonshell, v1.31 i think(the newest one), and put it on the card... So i start my gameboy up, select moonshell, and run it.... white screen. I have no idea what to do or what i need.... I know its not the gameboy micro because i have a DS as well and it gives me the same results. I don't care if i use moonshell or not, i just want to listen to music, so any program that can do that for me is fine. Please help me through the steps i need to take because none of the guides are helping. I hope this wasn't to sloppy, sorry for my noobness. Thanks.
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