1. Kess

    OP Kess Newbie

    Jul 1, 2006
    here's the info i've gathered.

    Okay, i have a supercard minisd, 1 gig sandisk card, and superkey. They've been working fine.

    I just put pkmn mystery dungeon on my card last night. It didn't work the first time so I put it on again.. so there are two entries.

    I load up the second one, and you know how it starts loading, like x/1000kb or something and when it hits 1000 it loads. Well this had 30,000 KB which I noticed as odd to begin with.

    I'm playing the game, I reset about 5 times to try to get a starter, all of the sudden an error msg pops up "DS cart not read" or something and asked me to restart. I did.

    I powered on and off, and then it wouldn't read my DS. It went to the pick DS or GBA menu and if I picked GBA, it took me to the supercard menu but only showed my GBA Games.

    I wiggled around the Superkey, and blew in the slot. It worked again. I moved my DS the wrong way and all of the sudden, not reading error message.

    I power on and off again, and the warning screen comes up that is on the DS, but the letters are all 90% faded, so I can barely make it out.

    I reset again, same thing.

    I leave it for the night.

    I try again today. new version of the ROM.

    I tried it the first time.. 1110 kb, thats fine. I got dual black screens.

    I tried it again, 14000KB and dual white screens.


    I just tried super princess peach and it worked just fine as always.

    I don't think its my supercard.

    I mean, I was shaking hte DS around too to see if something disloged and gave me the error message. Nothing.

    If anyone knows what's up i'll be VERY happy. Thanks.
  2. Japots

    Japots Newbie

    Jun 15, 2006
    make sure to check Patch Cartridge Access. I left the default options on and clicked out.

    At first I thought I got dual black screens. After a while though, the pokemon logo appeared.

    Be patient with the x/1100 file. It seems Mystery Dungeon has load times for Supercard.

    Whenever you attack, theres a half-second delay, when you change areas, it takes around 10 seconds, etc.
  3. Cygoku

    Cygoku Banned

    Jul 14, 2006
    Urgent? What is urgent? Make your free-kiddy-Pokemon-rom working is an URGENT mather?

    Give us a break,... There is over 500 other game you can play.

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