1. Stormy185

    OP Stormy185 Newbie

    Feb 10, 2021
    United States
    I've had the SupercardMiniSD for two years now, and haven't ever had a problem with it before, it played roms just fine until this morning.
    However, I took some roms off my microSD (SanDisk, 2GB) and used the software to put them back on...

    and now the SuperCard doesn't recognize the microSD... it's still formatted in FAT like it's supposed to be,
    the catridge just can't read it. I've even used a dust can to try and make sure no dust is stuck between contacts, it just wont read the SD card.

    Any ideas how I'd fix it?
  2. Nikokaro

    Nikokaro Mycenaean hideous survivor(s)

    Feb 3, 2020
    Hi. :)
    I try to help you.
    I seem tu understand that it is a gba/slot2 flashcart, the chinese/cheap one:
    If it is so, I have the exact same flashcart from the same time period, and mine still works fine. ;)
    But your cartridge no longer read files or folders at all?
    It has happened to me several times that copying roms from PC to microSD (after having passed them in its software, of course), this one was completely corrupted (perhaps due to the poor quality of the microSD-reader and its contacts). :unsure:
    After formatting it (with Panasonic formatter), however, everything went fine.
    I suggest you to reformat it and try again, otherwise try with another microSD (2gb or less) and always insert it well in the SD-reader.
    Start copying a single game and see how it works.
    Also I know that this cartridge has a battery inside; maybe it is empty (but I think it is only used to memorize the saves) and you have to change It.
    Or the problem lies with SD-reader (maybe as poor/cheap as mine), so change it.
    Let me know how it goes. :D
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